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Introduction to Quintessence

What is ``Q``

Q is a fully autonomous, A.I driven subliminal builder that allows you to create your very own name embedded Subliminal Club custom subliminal by choosing which modules you desire to have (and the results you want to get), as well as various additions.

What is the difference between Q, Quinta, and Quintessence, and what does it mean?

Quintessence is the full name. Quinta is shortened, while Q is the shortest version. Furthemore, it is a name for the subliminal technology, the Q platform, and for the A.I. that helps make this a reality.

What is the difference between the Q-powered custom subliminals and the main store subliminals?

The difference is in customizing and the various technologies we can use to fully personalize a subliminal. Usually, creating a custom subliminal is a monumental task that can take weeks, but with Q we can create a custom subliminal in a matter of hours (depending on the load on the Q labs and Quinta i.e the A.I). Meanwhile, the main store has subliminals that are more general in nature. They are not name embedded for each user, but they are still built on QTech and therefore are extremely powerful still. 

Why is there a price difference between Q and the main Subliminal Club store?

Normally, custom subliminals go from a thousand dollars and more. At Subliminal Club, we want to change and revolutionize the subliminal market and this practice, therefore our Q subliminals are priced much more reasonably, but still need to be priced higher than the main store’s subliminals due to the processing loads.

Can I create my very own version of an existing subliminal, like Emperor but name embedded?

Yes, you can. This is the reason why the cores of each major subliminal we make are available. Simply add the core you want, and you have your very own personalized major subliminal. Of course, you can add any other modules you want, however that will be different from a personalized major subliminal.

Why are there no refunds and no coupons (with rare exceptions) on Q?

Similarly to the answer given above – processing loads. Furthermore, Q is for the more seasoned user, and we heartily recommend you get at least a few months of usage with the subliminals on before creating your own custom one. Or, if you are brave and think you know exactly what you need, go right ahead – at Subliminal Club, we always encourage experimentation.

Should I buy a custom Q subliminal or a subliminal such as Emperor?

That depends on you, your experience with subliminals, and how much you are ready to invest. If you are a beginner, go with the main store. Each subliminal is carefully crafted to produce astonishing results (and you can see the raving reviews of our dear customers on If you have a couple of months of subliminal listening under your belt, know what you need and are willing to experiment and craft your own subliminal, Q is for you. 

Getting Started

How Does This Process Work?

It is very simple – you click on the store, you add any module that you desire to have in your subliminal and that fits your goals, you input your name and choose any other additions, and checkout. Your subliminal will be delivered to you soon.

What is a Module?

The module is a building block, a mosaic piece, that fits neatly into a subliminal and creates the desired effects in the user.

How many modules can I use in a custom subliminal?

Each custom subliminal can have up to 20 modules (not counting the Mandatory Core). 

What is the Mandatory Core?

The Mandatory Core is just as the name implies – a mandatory part of each subliminal that ensures it works at the cutting edge of subliminal technology. It is automatically added to every subliminal you start building.

How many major cores can I safely put into my subliminal?

The less there are, the more focused your subliminal will be. A good recommendation is no more than 3. However, you are always free to experiment. 

What is found in the corner of each module picture, for example AoAQ or AlcSt1?

These are simple abbreviations for each subliminal in order to make it easier for our customers to share what is in their subliminals on the forums. For example, AoAQ would be Alpha of Alpha Q, while AlcSt1 would be Alchemist ST1 (meaning stage 1) Q.

What is the Terminus Upgrade?

The Terminus addition is an even more increased power level of the Q subliminals. It is not recommended for a beginner, because of the intense effects that can happen, which requires more wisdom in navigating than the standard subliminals. We recommend experimenting with the StarkQ Terminus version first before adding this to your subliminal, so you can know how you react. For advanced, experienced users only, that are ready to experiment. 

What name should I use for my subliminal? Should I use my first name, my family name, or a nickname?

This is up to you. If you resonate more with a specific nickname, feel free to use it. If you are unsure about this, your first name will always work. It has been a part of you for the longest time, hence it is a completely safe choice. A surname is not necessary. 

Are we required to put our name in? Can I put in something else?

Yes, putting in your name is mandatory. Putting in anything other than your name will not work.

If I want to use the Stage 4 of a major subliminal, should I add the previous 3 stages? Should I be mindful of adding more cores?

There is no need to add the previous 3 stages, unless you specifically want an aspect of that one stage to be more pronounced in your subliminal, but still having the other aspects in it. Yes, you should be mindful of adding more cores, because the ST4 of each multi-stage title is quite dense. One, maximum two extra cores, anything beyond would require quite a bit of subliminal experience to run. Of course, you are free to experiment. 

I believe each one of us has multiple aspects to themselves. Should I use a different nickname/name in order to hit a specific aspect I want to change (for ex: a lover using a specific nickname and wanting to change that aspect of my personality)?

No, there is no need. Any name will go to the deepest layers of the subconscious thanks to our profound subliminal technology and affect all aspects, and help change and evolve you into any direction you want, for the better. 

I have a non-English name (ex: Abhinav, Dayan, Arkhadiy, Baozhai, etc), will name-embedding still work for me?

Yes. There is no need to worry, the Quinta AI has been thoroughly trained to handle thousands of different names all over the globe. If you are particularly worried, you can explain the pronunciation of your name in detail in the notes section during checkout, or put in a link with a voice recording of you saying your name, and we will ensure it is correct. Furthermore, remember that the subconscious mind understands millions of variations of the pronunciation of your name, and will always understand it.

Other Questions

How significant of a power/smoothness increase can I expect from Q?

As usual, it depends. However, on the average, the power and the ease of effects gained from name embedding and other subliminal personalization technologies is quite significant, and well worth it. 

Why Am I Limited to 20 Modules?

The same reason why we will not allow making huge subliminals containing all modules at once – it is important to have focus in a subliminal. The less modules you have, the more focused your subliminal will be. Depending on your goals, you might want to add just a couple of modules to master a specific area, or you might want to add all 20 and master a couple of areas in a bit longer time frame.

Can I Resell Custom Subliminals?

No. Reselling subliminals made by Subliminal Club without permission can and will be prosecuted by law. All of our subliminals contain digital watermarks that cannot be removed without rendering the subliminal useless. We can easily discover the origin of any Q-generated subliminal.

How Do I Build a Major Subliminal From the SubClub Store?

It is very simple – simply choose the core of the subliminal you wish to build, and add, depending on your goals, either all result enhancing modules to keep it close to the original, or add modules that you would like and make your very own version of a major subliminal.

Do I Get Both a Masked and Ultrasonic File With My Order?

Yes, you will receive both masked and ultrasonic.

If I Buy the Terminus or Terminus Squared Upgrade, Do I Get the Other Power Levels?

No. To get the other power levels, you will have to buy those specifically. 

How long will my subliminal be? Does it depend on the number of modules?

Your custom Q subliminal will be 1 hour, regardless of the number of modules. 


Can I stack my own custom subliminal with other Subliminal Club titles?

Yes, you can. In fact, all our subliminals are designed to be stacked with each other, like a grand mosaic piece. Keep in mind that, with each title there is a greater load on your subconscious, and hence the timeframe you are dealing with can be extended.. all depending on the customer, of course. Furthermore, there is a module in the Q store specifically to take stacking further, that will allow you to stack your custom subliminal even more effectively with other titles.

How long should I listen to a custom subliminal, what is reconciliation and how to deal with it?

Q subliminals can be extremely intense – start with one or two loops a day, and see how you react. If you believe you can increase the dosage, do so by a loop at a time. Reconciliation is when there is a conflict between your current subconscious beliefs and the beliefs you wish to develop by using the subliminal, and can result in a number of different symptoms. If you encounter massive reconciliation, you have a couple of options: 

  1. Break through. Keep listening until you have a break through, maybe even increase the dosage. Make sure to keep an eye out for what nagging feelings or uncomfortable situations particularly pain you – this is likely what the subliminal is trying to point out to you for you to fix. 
  2. Lower the dosage. This will lessen the power of the reconciliation, and allow for a smoother ride. 
  3. Take a rest day. A rest day will allow your subconscious mind to fully process the subliminal, and this can cause you to experience profound results when the subconscious mind does so.

What Does Reconciliation Feel Like?

Symptoms can differ wildly depending on the user, but the average symptoms are:

  • Headache
  • Desire to switch/stop listening to subliminals
  • Persistent belief that subliminals do not work/a feeling of wasting time
  • Obliviousness to results/attributing results to some other factor
  • Negative feelings/terrible mood, such as depression, wild anger, day long frustration at nothing in particular
  • Old emotions/traumas being stirred up
  • Rumination
  • Tiredness

Keep in mind, reconciliation is not always bad – at times, reconciliation is simply you being purified and releasing old beliefs and traumas. At other times, reconciliation is your subconscious mind pointing you in the right direction as to what you need to do to improve yourself further and achieve your goals. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of too much subliminal input.

Your subconscious mind is your closest ally, not an enemy that you must fight. Take note of your reconciliation, think about it objectively, and take action.


Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay. We also accept third-party financing through QuadPay, which allows you to make weekly payments toward your balance. We are working on adding new financing options. We are currently not accepting PayPal.

Refund Policy

Please note: Due to the fact that subliminals created on the Quintessence platform are built completely to order, we do NOT offer refunds on ANY circumstances. If you are new to subliminals, consider purchasing one of our major titles at, as those are covered by a 30-day, no questions asked refund policy.

During the checkout on this site, you’ll be required to click a checkbox stating that you understand that refunds are not given for any reason.

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