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Synergy: Primordial Aura


Experience the most powerful subliminal aura technology created; a complex Synergy mix of 5 different auric modules – Synergy: Primordial Aura. At its core is Sphaera Magnetica, ensuring a strong base off of which to build an extremely magnetic aura. Infusing with the Aura of Craving that entices a craving in the people around you for your presence and developing the most potent persuasive abilities through Direct Influencing Aura is the next step. Finally there are the Entranced and Temptation modules – with Entranced your very presence hypnotizes others while Temptation brings out a coquettish, mysterious and playful side within you that others are unable to resist.

Synergy: Primordial Aura encapsulates the zenith of subliminal aura technology, weaving together a complex and potent synergy of five distinctive auric modules to create the most magnetic and irresistible presence imaginable. This unprecedented amalgamation includes Sphaera Magnetica, Aura of Craving, Direct Influencing Aura, Entranced, and Temptation, each contributing uniquely to forge an aura of primordial allure and influence.

At the heart of Synergy: Primordial Aura lies Sphaera Magnetica, which establishes a robust foundation for building an exceptionally magnetic aura. This core element ensures your presence is innately captivating, setting the stage for deeper and more nuanced layers of influence.

The Aura of Craving intensifies this magnetic pull by instilling an insatiable craving in those around you, making your presence not just desired but deeply yearned for. This module seamlessly enhances your ability to attract and hold attention, creating an aura that draws people in irresistibly.

Direct Influencing Aura elevates your persuasive capabilities to unprecedented levels, allowing you to guide and shape interactions and outcomes with remarkable precision. Whether your goals relate to wealth, love, or any personal ambition, this module empowers you to navigate and influence situations and people with ease and confidence.

Entranced adds a hypnotic quality to your aura, making every gesture, glance, and word enchantingly compelling. This module transforms your presence into a captivating experience, entrancing those who come into contact with you, and deepening the impact of your interactions.

Temptation introduces a coquettish, mysterious, and playful dimension to your persona, enhancing your attractiveness and making you an object of fascination. This module not only enhances your energetic, mental, and physical allure but also primes you to take the right actions at the most opportune moments, further magnifying your irresistible charm.

Synergy: Primordial Aura is a comprehensive development that imbues you with a profound, multifaceted aura of attraction, persuasion, and hypnotic influence. Experience this unparalleled synergy and navigate the world with an aura that leaves an indelible mark on those you encounter and shapes your destiny with the force of your presence.

Constituent modules:



Aura of Craving

Direct Influencing Aura

Sphaera Magnetica

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