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Build Options


Please read everything on this page carefully. All customs will be built in the Zero Point v2 format. This item MUST be added to your cart and purchased to begin the build process. Enter your name, select the modules you want added to your custom subliminal and click “Add to Cart.” Be sure that you have ALREADY LICENSED THE MODULES by either adding them to your cart on the respective module page for this order, or licensing them in a separate order. If you haven’t licensed the modules, your order will be placed “On Hold,” and you’ll receive an email. The base price for the build is $99. Additional settings may increase the price. Confused? Read the Quickstart Guide HERE.

    The legacy mask is our traditional, river / stream mask. Solace is a light, trickling stream, designed for much easier listening. It uses Dolby Audio's APIs to produce a much cleaner sound. Learn more about Solace HERE.