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Limit Destroyer Core


The core of Limit Destroyer Ultima, a subliminal designed to help you overcome and destroy all internal limits keeping you from achieving your goals in life.


The core of Limit Destroyer, a subliminal designed to help you overcome and destroy all internal limits keeping you from achieving your goals in life.

Similarities, differences, combinations:

Atman is a module that goes incredibly in-depth into each limit you have and directly questions you as to why you have those limits. It will question you over and over again, helping to lead you to a correct answer – that you can go beyond those limits. 

Limit Destroyer and Unlimiter work on a much more direct level, going face to face with your limits and attempting to dissolve them in any way possible. 

Limit Destroyer is designed to completely blow through your limits, meanwhile Unlimiter will dissolve them and push you forward. One completely destroys your limits, the other “opens the gates” of your limits. Unlimiter can also be used for limitations in skills when you hit a plateau, so it affects skill-based limitations. 

ARES differs from all three in that it targets weakness, doubt, guilt, shame and fear head on. It mercilessly goes after all beliefs that support these states and emotions so that they are annihilated and you gain more and more control over them.

I AM is a module that is part of Khan ST1 – Total Breakdown, and because of this it can be quite wide in its effects. It will remove all that stops you from being truly congruent with yourself while helping you be your true self in the present moment. 

FEBRUUS can be considered a close relative of the I AM module in that it is expansive removal of things that hold you back – but it does so in a more microscopic, scalpel-like manner while being different for what exact purpose it does so. While I AM aims to help you become your true self, FEBRUUS removes exactly that which stops you the most from advancing further towards your ideal future self. It also guides you towards more thorough research of your personal beliefs. 

Quite interesting combinations can be made and you can easily combine any module with any other. Atman with Limit Destroyer would combine the unrelenting approach of Limit Destroyer with the questioning of Atman, so that if some limits are too hard to overcome, they will get questioned and dissipate more easily under the combined pressure of these modules. 

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