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What is Ultima?

Ultima is a new, specialized build method that yields incredibly potent subliminals that generates results in as little as one loop a day. With an Ultima-powered title, you can expect to experience results within the first few days of running the title. Many of our testers experienced results in the first day of testing — some while listening to their first loop! Ultima-powered titles will replace both the “Supercharger” and “Stacking Modules” product lines, given the fact that you can accomplish the goals of both with an Ultima title. Note that Ultima titles are ONE file — a masked subliminal with an embedded ultrasonic subliminal.

You can use Ultima-powered titles to cause fast acting and profound, yet temporary state shifts and effects, for example, running a “sexual aura” Ultima title before hitting the club or an Ultima-based productivity title before a hard day at work. You can also use Ultima-powered titles to boost the effectiveness of your subliminal stack. For example, using an Ultima-powered productivity subliminal to help you take action alongside an empire building title, like Emperor or The Ecstasy of Gold.

The Ultima scripts are written to cause a short term state shift. Of course, any subliminal will cause permanent change, but the Ultima scripts aren’t made for broad change. They’re boosters. Use them like you would stacking modules or superchargers.

NOTE: Listening setup matters when listening to an Ultima-powered title. The Ultima format requires a nice set of headphones, earbuds or speakers / studio monitors. You will receive diminished results if you attempt to use your laptop speakers or low-grade earbuds / headsets (i.e. the cheap, $9 earbuds at retail store).

Also, listening to an Ultima powered subliminal for more than 1-2 hours a day could cause overload, fatigue and other symptoms of overexposure. Please limit usage to once every two days until you become acclimated to its effects.

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